Our Approach

By investing time to understand your specific requirements and expectations, we can then provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

For employers

We see ourselves as a helpful extension to your business. We are here to help develop your people in the workplace so they can deliver organisational goals.

To do this effectively we feel it is important to have:

  • clearly defined aims and objectives for the project and programme
  • a recognition of the strengths and expertise of each partner to ensure maximum impact of our intervention
  • clear agreement on roles and responsibilities
  • a well-defined implementation plan, indicating key activities, timescales and links between various contributors
  • strong relationships and trust

For Individuals

We are here to help you develop your skills and knowledge, to enhance your performance at work.

To do this effectively we feel it is important to have:

  • A clear understanding of your role and responsibilities
  • Agreement on your expectations and objectives for the learning programme
  • Clearly defined programme details so you know what to expect
  • Engaging, interactive and experiential learning that will allow you to transfer your learning into your day to day work activities
  • Open and honest communication and feedback to ensure the programme meets your needs

Key aspects of our approach may include:

  • a nominated project manager as your ‘one point of contact’
  • demonstrating good practice (against national Learning and Development standards) in relation to all areas of the training cycle, at both programme and session level
  • carrying out detailed diagnosis of training needs including a cultural/change readiness assessment to provide a holistic solution
  • designing programmes which take account of organisational preferences and constraints, using blended approaches for flexibility
  • customising materials to allow you to incorporate your organisational systems, structures, procedures and branding, where appropriate
  • using accelerated learning techniques to challenge perceptions, encourage full participation, stimulate discussion, invite clarification and empowerment
  • setting up tailored pre and post course activities to ensure that learning moves from the classroom environment into application in the workplace
  • producing an evaluation strategy and reporting mechanisms to measure effectiveness of the programme in meeting your needs
  • measuring our own performance against agreed evaluation criteria, in order to continually improve our service to you
Service that will meet or exceed your expectations

Enthusiasm and energy in the way we work with you at all stages of the process

Loyal partnerships built up from mutual trust and clear communication
Effective and creative ideas offered to ensure our
interventions are relevant and practical
Commitment to meeting agreed objectives within agreed budget and timescales
Tangible input and clear methods for measuring success